We need a new mindset to solve the problems we face today. We can achieve extraordinary mindsets by organizing hackathons for people who want groundbreaking solutions for tasks within the spatial domain. In particular, complex challenges with a sustainability ambition are the ones that excite us! How can we permanently reallocate an empty building? How can we reduce flooding in the city? Or deal with extreme heat? How do we build a village where people grow old healthier?

We set the challenge centrally in a hackathon and within 12 hours time special solutions come into view! Together we discover new ways of thinking, find new partners to work with and create new solutions. 

What is the secret of a hackathon? Originally hackathons are organized in ICT sector. Under time pressure the hackers have to come up with a solution to a complex problem.
To make the hackathon successful for challenges as mentioned above we combine the element of time pressure with two extra elements:

1. With great care we compose the groups that are going to hack the tasks. Sustainability requires groundbreaking solutions and special combinations of knowledge, expertise and network. Groups of startups, innovative professionals and students with diverse backgrounds are carefully put together by us. A good example of this is the hackathon during the Transformation Congress on 7 December.

2. Only professional facilitators with skills in design and architecture facilitate our hackathons. Ofcourse all with a passion for sustainability, including a track record.

Attractive event
Because we have partnerships with Jaarbeurs, Economic Board Utrecht, various educational institutions, StartupDelta and StartupUtrecht, we have a great reach so we make sure your hackathon becomes an attractive and energetic event that people love to join.

Our customers
We organize custom hackathons for both public and private clients like realestate developers, public governances, waterboards and ambitious initiatives like Blue Zone Oss.  

For who?
The parties that benefit from the hackathons:
– Professionals who struggle with challenges in their daily practice
– Students who want to develop their design skills, apply their knowledge and creative ideas
– Startups who want to do business with professionals and get their products and innovations applied

Next year we will organize a series of hackathons together with our trusted partners Jaarbeurs, Economic Board Utrecht and Startup Utrecht. The next one is planned on:

  • January 24, 2018 (during GEVEL exhibition). The client is the municipality of Amsterdam.