Matthijs van Til, Reader. “Perhaps you would like to hear that we have finally started working for the municipality of Amsterdam via via. We actually did two assignments:
1. We have mapped the solar panels within the municipality for the “sustainability department”,
2. In addition, we have mapped the green roofs for the taskforce rainproof. We may receive a small follow-up assignment to monitor growth and also to map the potential more precisely.

Nice, then you see where a bus trip of star-shaped construction almost 2 years ago can lead!”

Sacha Stolp, Municipality of Amsterdam: I look back on the tour with great pleasure. You had it super well organized and it was pleasant company. Without meeting and taking the time for it, it will not work to get that trust to get things together. And that trust in each other is essential. This is not just about start-ups and grown-ups, but certainly also for clients such as the government.

Thijs van der Burgt, Get the Office App: Thanks for the fun day! Very nice!
I have an appointment at the van Nelle factory on Friday via Remko Overdam!

Ton Fleuren, Heijmans: I too got energy from the day.
The startups and the ‘stopping places’ gave a boost and we will certainly stay in touch with a number of startups. see if we can take them into developments and / or tenders. All in all it was an inspiring but also tiring day. Being alert for 12 hours and staying in conversation is probably a bit too long (at least for me). Continue with this.

Maurizio Magnano, Mcoating: Dear Serena, thank you for letting me join the bus trip.
The day was great and inspiring!

Jasper Brommet, Stonecycling: Special day, very well organized. Has answered strategic questions for us. Continue with this!

Paul Stomph, Qwiksense: The bus tour was very valuable, lots of connections and possibly some deals!