Are you employed by a corporate and you wonder: what are we going to do with startups? Do we want to work together or do we have to follow them remotely? Which startups are there in the Netherlands and what are they doing? You may be one of the enthusiasts in your organization, but your colleagues will still follow the startup scene remotely. To find answers to these questions together, Startupbouw says: get on the bus with us!

Hub On Hub Off bus tour
Startupbouw organizes the Corporate Hub On Hub Off bus tour especially for large companies (both in construction and beyond). During the day you, together with your colleagues, are part of the energetic startup scene in the Netherlands. The program is tailor-made for your company. A dynamic program provides insight and inspiration for the (innovation) strategy of your company. You meet various founders of related startups to take you into their world. We drive past several hubs and test labs where startups are at work. In addition, you will be talking to leading corporates that you went for in the consideration of working with startups. At the end of the bustling day you have been able to sharpen your vision and you have expanded your network in the startup scene.

The bus
The bus trip is carried out with a special VIP bus, in which you can talk to each other extensively through the special arrangement. The bus trip includes coffee, tea and lunch. A program is composed in consultation with the client. If you want to get an impression, then watch this video.