End of a headache file

Date: December 7, 2017
Client: Vastgoed Rotterdam
Challenge: How can an empty school building in Hoogvliet be transformed sustainably?

Real Estate Rotterdam will contact us at the end of November. They struggle with a difficult problem: there is an empty school building in Hoogvliet where something has to be done. Developers are not very keen on the piece of real estate, because it lies in a challenging and risky area in the city. If we can organize a hackathon? It is short term for us to organise, but we take on the challenge. It is very promising that the hackathon will take place during the Transformation Congress in De Doelen, where many developers will walk around.

During the congress a special group of students from various backgrounds, including medicine, biology, architecture, environmental technology, put their effort into the assignment. The process is supervised by Biomimicry expert and architect Lydia Fraaije. With her special background and extensive experience in education, she is perfectly capable of delivering students results in a short time. She has chosen to work from the metaphor ‘city as a forest’, with which she takes the students into the knowledge of the Biomimicry. Which R & D from nature can serve as solutions for this vacant building? The students work hard to pitch their solutions during the final plenary presentation. The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite solution and to indicate whether they would like to be involved in the redevelopment of the building. To the satisfaction of the client, 65% of the room voted ‘yes’. The client said the following day: “The hackathon changed a stomachache file in a way we see opportunities again. I saw shiny faces of enthusiasm among colleagues, which was fantastic, and not unimportant: it was a nice conclusion to our congress.”

Interested in the final presentations? Check them here:


Presentation_Hackathon Biomimicry_pres_2017.12.07