A termite mound is a well-known example of how genius nature can build. The termites manage to build a house that is constant of temperature and oxygen level, in which they can live safely. How do they do that? Which building processes and material properties does nature know what we can learn from? Very much actually.termite-2078965_960_720

Biomimicry is the science of applying the R & D of nature to our daily practice. By applying this knowledge to issues within the spatial domain, the foundation is laid for a sustainable society. Everything that is made and done fits from the origin of the ecosystem. Solutions can be practically applied by clients and are executed by implementing parties. It is these issues that are extremely suitable for translating and experiencing the knowledge of nature.

We work together with specialist connected to the BiomimicryNL organization. More information: www.biomimicrynl.org or watch the BBC broadcasts Nature meets Tech.